Executive and Volunteer Positions

We are a non-profit organization and operate as a parent co-operative, and as such it is necessary to receive everyone’s assistance in order to keep our playschool operating. We welcome parent participation and interest in the program. There are many ways in which you can contribute to the learning opportunities of the group and we welcome your input. DKK does not require mandatory volunteering; instead, we trust that everyone will get involved according to his or her abilities and availability. We fully realize that the toughest job facing any organization is the recruitment of volunteers. We encourage you to consider taking an executive or volunteer position as shown in the Parent Handbook.

Parents should be prepared to:

  1. Attend the preschool’s Annual General Meeting in the spring
  2. Volunteer for a volunteer job, or serve on the executive board, when able
  3. Assist in fundraising when needed

Additionally, if you have special skills, hobbies, or jobs and would like to assist the teacher with a special in class presentation, please advise the teacher.

The opportunity to sign up for volunteer positions will occur at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Board elections also occur at the AGM. Please be familiar with the roles (both volunteer and board related) prior to attending the AGM.  The Executive Board and Volunteer Job positions are listed in The Parent Handbook.