A Typical Day

DKK is a strong advocate of the “learn through play” philosophy.  Research and studies have shown time and time again the critical importance this play based learning has on a child’s social, cognitive, physical and emotional development. We keep our program flexible to accommodate the changing needs of our growing and developing children. We also adjust our program to projects, special guests, topics, seasons and include celebrations like holidays, birthdays and special events of the year. This balance between structure and flexibility set in a frame of relationship supports physical, emotional, social, cognitive and language skills and creates therefore the space for developing personality and independence to manage daily life.

A typical DKK day contains the following elements:

  • Circle time with stories, songs, music, games and conversations (The class talks about the weather, discuss letters, numbers and dates, shapes and colors)
  • Physical motor play, games and exercise in gym, classroom or outdoors
  • Washroom break and snack time
  • Crafts, work sheets, class projects and hands on experiments
  • Free play with equipment to facilitate social, imaginary, function, and construction play

Zwei Dinge sollen Kinder von ihren Eltern bekommen: Wurzeln und Flügel.
Two things children should receive from their parents: roots and wings.
J.W. von Goethe

“Play is the work of the child.” Maria Montessori

Field Trips

Your child will enjoy several special events throughout the year. We invite individuals and groups to come into the classroom to engage with and perform for the children, and often we organize field trips into the wider community. Fieldtrips are planned based on funds available; more details will be available throughout the school year.

Parents will be informed about field trips in the monthly newsletter of the teacher. Signed permission forms from the parents are required for every field trip and will be distributed in class. These consent forms will also ask for parent volunteers to assist during the outings. This is to ensure a supervision ratio of 1 adult for every 3 children. Anyone wishing to volunteer must have a clear police check (including vulnerable sector check).

Parents are responsible to provide transportation for their child to and from all field trips. Teachers are required to take a portable record of each child to off-site activities.

Excursions to different places on school property (e.g.. gym, library, school yard) as well as walks through the neighborhood, are routine and do not require separate permission forms. These outings are already signed off on the child’s registration form.

Getting Ready for School

Remember that playschool is a fun-filled learning environment; your children will be painting, playing on the floors and running in the gym. Please dress them accordingly in easy to care for clothes.

Clothing should be geared to the children’s increasing ability to help her/himself, as we encourage children to manage as much of their clothing as possible by themselves.

All children require indoor shoes (slip on or with Velcro and preferable the non-skid kind) that they can put on by themselves. Fire regulations do not permit children to be in their stocking feet in the school. If weather indicates the possibility of outdoor play activities,please be sure your child is suitably dressed.

The children will go outside as often as the weather and program schedule permits, even in the winter. Please keep this in mind when helping your child select clothing and outerwear for the day. Proper footwear is also important. Dress shoes can be slippery and dangerous on the playground equipment. Please clearly label your child’s belongings, including clothing and outerwear, with your child’s name or initials. All boots, outer clothing, mittens, hats, school bags, lunch boxes, etc. should be clearly labeled with your child’s name. Our school runs a permanent fundraising opportunity through Mabel’s Labels. To obtain good quality, eye-catching personalized labels and support DIE KLEINE KINDERSCHULE KINDERGARTEN SOCIETY visit https://mabelslabels.com/support-a-fundraiser/.

Each child has her/his own “cubby” in the classroom where they can leave indoor shoes and a change of clothes (including undergarments and socks) in case of “accidents”.

You will be notified of special dress up occasions.

Snack Time

Snack time takes place about 90 minutes after the program starts.

Please provide a light and nutritious snack and a drink (water, fruit juice, milk, etc.) for your child. Snack suggestions: bran or fruit muffins, quick breads (banana, date, etc.), small sandwiches, cheese, celery filled with cheese, crackers, raw vegetable pieces, raw fruit pieces, raisins, cookies (oatmeal, zucchini, etc.).

Puddings and fruit cups should be sent in a container that can be resealed and sent home if the child does not finish the serving. Please remember to provide utensils for such snacks. Grapes must be cut in half, as this is a requirement of Social Services.

Iced cakes and other sweets will be saved for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter. However, in order to be able to assure that ingredients comply with all allergy restrictions, we do not allow any food from home to be shared in class.

Please avoid sending the following snacks: candies, chocolate bars, potato chips, popcorn, pop, and gum.  DUE TO NUT ALLERGIES, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY NUT PRODUCTS TO DKK.