A Typical Day

DKK is a strong advocate of the “learn through play” philosophy.  Research and studies have shown time and time again the critical importance that play-based learning has on a child’s social, cognitive, physical, and emotional development. We keep our program flexible to accommodate the changing needs of our growing and developing children. We also adjust our program to projects, special guests, topics, seasons and include celebrations like holidays, birthdays and special events of the year. This balance between structure and flexibility set in a frame of relationship supports physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and language skills and creates the space for developing personality and independence to manage daily life.

A typical DKK day contains the following elements:

  • Circle time with stories, songs, music, games and conversations (The class talks about the weather, discuss letters, numbers and dates, shapes and colors)
  • Physical motor play, games and exercise in gym, classroom or outdoors
  • Washroom break and snack time
  • Crafts, work sheets, class projects and hands on experiments
  • Free play with equipment to facilitate social, imaginary, function, and construction play