Rio Terrace

Location Information

Rio Terrace, 7608 154 St, Edmonton, AB T5R 1R7
Registrar: Jen or 780-710-0376

Class Schedule

8:45am -11:15 am
Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday & Friday


Frau Kerstin

Kerstin Buelow is a teacher in the Rio Terrace DKK school program. Kerstin
comes from a small place in the heart of Lueneburger Heide, Lower Saxony, Germany. She came to Canada in 2007, and has been with DKK since 2009.

Kerstin likes to motivate the kids to actively participate in all classroom and outdoor activities. Her goals are to nurture their curiosity and inspire their imagination. Kerstin believes that learning through mistakes contributes to the children’s independence.

It brings her joy to see the children joyful and engaged.

Frau Saskia

Saskia Clark is the teaching assistant in the Rio Terrace DKK school program. She is from Berlin, Germany, where she grew up in a bilingual home. She came to Canada in 2010 after living in Scotland and Hong Kong, and started working with DKK in 2019. Saskia raises her own two children bilingually, and has run a German/English day home since 2016. She is very passionate about working with kids, helping them discover their potential, and guiding their first steps to exploring a second language.

Saskia likes to do arts and crafts, and creative play. There is no better way for her to start a day than seeing happy kids and hearing all their exciting stories.

Google Reviews

Alex DejagerAlex Dejager
17:38 02 Jul 22
Great program! Will sign up my next kid as well. The teachers are fantastic and go above and beyond and the kids love them
Janine MJanine M
17:00 24 Jan 21
I love the program! It gave my little one the tools to prepare him to Kinderschule and Elementary.He really enjoyed his time there and the teachers were always amazing!The classes are small, allowing teachers to work with our little ones hands on.I truly recommend and see the value of this program.
Jen TyeJen Tye
17:10 22 Jan 21
Wonderful preschool! Two of my children have gone to this preschool for two years each. They both learned so much and adored their teachers as well as made many friends. When my other two children are old enough I will be sending them here as well!
Stephanie GerhardtStephanie Gerhardt
13:59 06 Jan 21
The DKK Preschool Program is amazing. The teachers are very friendly, fun and have distilled a love for school in my son. The class sizes are also great. Would definitely recommend this school to others.
Bess CallardBess Callard
04:29 17 Feb 20
Die Kleine Kinderschule is a warm, welcoming, joyful and caring preschool. The teaching staff is excellent, they nurture students from their first day of “school” to the day they graduate and move on to kindergarten. There are many field trips, fun crafts, a library of German and English books, engaging toys and gym and outdoor time. The preschool is in Rio Terrace school and the transition from Preschool into Kindergarten is made so much easier because of that. I highly recommend the program!