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Die Kleine Kinderschule (DKK) is a registered non-profit organization incorporated under the Societies Act and is licensed by the Province of Alberta to operate a playschool. DKK has been in operation in Edmonton since 1980s. Our dedicated teachers provide a friendly, warm environment for young children aged 3-5 years with familiar routines, songs, crafts, stories and free play indoors and out. We place as much importance on social development as on academic achievement. We also offer involvement without in-class duty days and no obligatory fundraising.  Find out why families keep choosing Die Kleine Kinderschule.

We have many benefits including:

  • Teacher & teacher’s assistant on staff
  • Small class sizes
  • No parent duty days
  • We encourage outside activity for students as much as possible (weather dependent)
  • Parent-led Board of Directors
  • No mandatory fundraising
  • Field trips in-class or off-site (dependent on AHS Covid-19 restrictions)

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