Field Trips

Your child will enjoy several special events throughout the year. We invite individuals and groups to come into the classroom to engage with the children, and often we organize field trips into the wider community. Field trips are planned based on funds available; more details will be available throughout the school year.

Parents will be informed about field trips by email in the teacher’s monthly newsletter. Signed permission forms are required for every field trip and must be printed, signed and returned to class. These consent forms will also ask for parent volunteers to assist during the outings. This is to ensure a supervision ratio of 1 adult for every 3 children. Anyone wishing to volunteer must have a clear police check (including vulnerable sector check). To obtain a police check, please fill out the required information on the registration form, or contact your Registrar. Note that police checks can take time to process, so please do this early to ensure you can participate.

Parents are responsible to provide transportation for their child to and from all field trips. Teachers are required to take a portable record of each child to off-site activities.

Excursions to different places on school property (e.g.. gym, library, school yard) as well as walks through the neighborhood, are routine and do not require separate permission forms. These outings are already signed off on the child’s registration form.